Mahatma Gandhi


In December, this aunty that I know (who is an amazing artist) introduced me to something called “Tortillons”. They are rolled peices of paper that are used for smudging. She gave me a tortillon to try it out, and this was the result. I’ll post some of my older work, and you’ll definitely see the difference in the finish! If you are interested in drawing, go to any arts store and get a pack (They’re extremely inexpensive). You can also make your own by tightly rolling paper.

I once learnt in grade 9 art class that smudging isn’t real art, and everything must be perfectly shaded using light circular motions. But hey, I never said I was a real artist. And tortillons are available for a reason, right?

While drawing Mahatma Gandhi, I learnt something extremely important:  He actually has hair! I always thought he was bald.

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