An Introduction: Stephen, and Hallelujah Live


I met Stephen quite recently. There was a talent night within my faculty, and he was looking for musical accompanists. He asked me (and had NO idea who I was at the time) if I wanted to sing a song with him and another classmate, and I tentatively agreed. I had never sung in English before this.

Working with Steve was a lot of fun! Before he started his masters in Math, he traveled around the world, and spent some time in India. I had actually forgotten this fact, until he suddenly broke out into “Om Shanti Om” during our practice- Keyboard AND singing! His hindi is MUCH better than mine. (Though Steve claims “I don’t know about my Hindi being significantly better than yours though – now Tapori, that’s where I’m an expert”) He also traveled to Germany, France, England, and Switzerland following his graduation. This summer, he’ll be spending 6 weeks in China!

He trained in piano and organ through his childhood, and learnt the guitar own. He also recently started taking lessons in the violin. After his masters, he hopes to start his pHD in Mechanical Engineering. Apart from music, traveling and math, Steve also has an artistic hand, and has created some great ambigrams like the ones below (For Elyse Ross, Matt Coles, Srinithi, and Vero Rubio respectively) :

You’ll definitely hear his name again. Steve and I have many musical projects we hope to complete this summer which I will post on this blog. Or you’ll hear his name when he becomes famous.

Until then, here is a video of our talent night:

Edited to add:

It was brought to my attention that the sound quality on the video is very poor. I’ve attached a sound recording from our practice. This was one of our earlier trials, so Steve and I didn’t have our solo paragraphs at this point, but you can hear the piano, guitar, and Steve’s harmony much clearer in this version.

To record our practice, I used my Sansa Sandisk mp3 player. It always surprises me with its quality of recording, and served as a great mp3 player for many years before I finally caught upto the “i” craze this past February.


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