Super Crawl


This past weekend, I met up with a few friends in a city called Hamilton for what was called the “Super Crawl”.

James street north is the heart of the artistic renaissance in Hamilton. The street has galleries, art shops, and cafe’s. Once a month, the art crawl takes place, where all stores and galleries are open late. Once a year, the super crawl takes place, where the entire street is closed down to cars, many little stalls are set up, and musicians and entertainment fill the street.

I was introduced to the Super Crawl by my friend Steve. Steve was contributing to the super crawl festivities by playing a 4 hour Organ Recital at the James Street Cathedral, where we started the Art Crawl.

I have entered Cathedrals before as a part of guided tours, but I have never gone alone, and definitely never sat in the cathedral before. From the second I walked in I was mesmerized. The atmosphere was amazing, and the music was simply stunning! Steve never fails to wow me with his musical talent. Initially we were sitting in the main hall, and we later decided to move closer to the organ. I had the opportunity to stand next to the organ to watch Steve play- 3 levels of piano, dozens of knobs, and he even played with his feet! I don’t even know how he managed to concentrate on all of that at once! We spent nearly two hours in the cathedral, and it was definitely time well spent. I loved all the pieces, but I think my favourite piece was “Tocatta from Suite Gothique by Leon Boellmann” (I definitely had to do a little ‘research’ to figure that name out)

After an amazing South Indian dinner at a friend’s house, we decided to hit the streets. There were a lot of interesting things to see, like this little cart from India.

There were a bunch of bands playing, and they were all really different! One had a trombone player, one was a really interesting collaboration of voices with 6 singers and only 1 guitarist. This one had two cello players and a violin player.

The street was lined with interesting shops with homemade jewelry, pillow cases, wall hangings etc. We admired the artists, and really enjoyed being a part the packed streets.

I got a little souvenir from the event- 3 painted roses carved entirely out of wood!

Overall, it was a really fun event, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone


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