Flower in an hour


I mentioned in a previous post that I was really curious to try out conte for shading. I haven’t really learnt shading in my class yet, and I am definitely unsure whether or not there is a specific technique to follow when using the conte chalks and pencils, but I really enjoyed doing this drawing. Conte proved to be a really great tool. It was really easy to shade with, and I loved the effect of the sepia tone. The drawing is about 6×9 inches on Canson acid free paper.

I started off with the original. It is a picture of a wooden rose which I took with my iPhone.

I used a regular 0.7 lead pencil to get the proportions and basic outlines. I did this so that I could erase and adjust until I liked the way the flower fit on the page. These are the basic rules of draftmanship that I have been practicing in my drawing class.

Then I used a sepia conte pencil to add in outlines and shading

I used black conte pencil to add in shadows

I then used white conte chalk to add in some rough highlights

I spent about 25 minutes before class adding in the highlights and fine tuning the drawing. Here is the Final Picture

Here’s a picture of some of my supplies on the desk in the art class. The entire box of broken conte chalk cost me only $3.00! If you are looking for supplies in an arts store, and you come across broken chalk or pastels (Which, knowing me, would break anyways due to my klutziness), ask them for a discount! It works :)

From end to end, this drawing took me a little bit more than an hour, and I was able to complete it entirely during the little breaks in my busy day. What do you think?


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