Allegorical Still Life Assignment


As I have mentioned before, during the first 3 weeks of our art course we worked on draftmanship

Once, many years ago, I drew a violin (8×10) and I remember how frustrated i was when I drew the whole thing and realized that it wasn’t correct. I went through many rough drafts, and ended up using a ruler to help me get the proportions correctly

As a part of my allegorical still life assignment, I was supposed to use draftmanship to get the proportions right, and simply outline the objects. The ‘challenge’ proposed by my teacher was to add an allegory (A hidden meaning) into the drawing. To further challenge myself, I decided to add the violin in, knowing that it would probably be much more difficult than the one I drew a while ago due to the sheer size of the drawing. Thanks to the amazing lessons that I have learnt from my professor, the task wasn’t as daunting as it seemed, and I managed to nail down the proportions a lot faster than I had imagined! (Just a note that this assignment was done before we learnt about still life composition)

Description of the drawing

I used Canson student grade 18×24 inch paper, and an HB Conte Pencil. The objects  that I chose define my life- The violin symbolizes my interest in carnatic music, the anklets symbolizes my passion for bharathanatyam dancing, and the math books symbolize my interest in mathematics. Of course the drawing itself symbolizes my love for art.

The allegory in it is a little harder to see. There is a crack in the violin, the book is torn, and the anklets are missing a bell. The hidden meaning behind this drawing is that, nothing in life is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work together in harmony to create something beautiful.

Final Result & Feedback

We received our marks back on this assignment yesterday. I got a C+, which is surprisingly just a little bit higher than class average, and a mark that I shouldn’t worry about (The highest mark was a B!). Class average, I’m happy :) The feedback I received was that I should’ve added more detail by filling the page with more objects. He also didn’t like the technique and shape of the anklet (In my defense, he hasn’t seen the lovely uncircular anklet that we wear when we dance, but in his defense, my drawing was very simple and definitely deserved to be at class average.)


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