Dinosaur Skull


I have an assignment due this Wednesday, and for the assignment, I need to use Skull/Bones/Skeleton, and surround it with dead vegetation.

We did an exercise in class, where we replicated a set-up that our professor made.

I was planning on doing something very similar for my assignment, so since we already did it in class, I decided to use a dinosaur (allosaurus) skull instead.

Here is my Work-In-Progress

I have completed it to the best of my ability, so if you do have any feedback/suggestions, let me know! I have tomorrow night to add anything recommendations.

I used 18×24 inch Canson Sketch Paper, willow charcoal to tone the paper and add darks, and regular charcoal to emphasize the darks. All the “whites” were highlighted using a kneadable eraser and a clic eraser.

I have also posted this on “Wetcanvas”– an online website where artists can share and get feedback on their work. I have already received great feedback!

Here is a random picture of my own personal art gallery. Also known as the corner of my basement


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