One of my huge music obsessions is “light” carnatic music. This includes songs in raagams such as Kapi, Desh, or Hamir Kalyani, and a wide variety of carnatic fusion music.

During the height of my ‘obsession’ last summer, I discovered “Anil Srinivasan” through the Sikkil Gurucharan Website. I listened to “Sarvam” on the Gurucharan home page and wanted more. I turned to deezer.com, where I found two full albums of Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan, which I have listened to on repeat many times. I also found Anil Srinivasan’s Gallery on his own website. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any of the CDs in the Canadian stores, or I would definitely purchase them.

When it comes to light and soothing carnatic music, this is possibly the best that I have ever heard.

I used my lenovo mike and audacity to record “Ksheerabdhi” onto my computer, and on a new track, I added my own voice in. I used the “noise removal” effect to clean up the sound a little bit. It was a one shot recording, so it’s not even near perfect, but I loved singing with the piano!

So here it is, a “collaboration” with Anil Srinivasan, featuring singers Subiksha Rangarajan, and me!


ksheerabdi kanyakaku sree maha lakshmikini
neerajaalayakunu neeraajanam

Charanam 1 :
Jalajaakshi momunaku jakkuvakuchambulaku
nelakonna kappurapu neeraajanam
aliveni turumunaku, hastha kamalambulaku
niluvu manikyamula neerajanam…neeraajanam

Charanam 2 :
Pagatu sree venkateshu pattapu raniyai
negadu sati kaLalakunu neerajanam
jagathi alamelu manga Chakkadanamula kella
nigudu nija sobhanapu neerajanam…neeraajanam

Charanam 3 :
Charana kisalayamulaku sakhiyarambhorulaku
niratamagu mutthyala neerajanam
aridhi jaghanambunaku nathiva nathanaabhikini
nirathi nanavarna neerajanam…neeraajanam

Meaning Summary

Summarized from here

Neerajanam means “benediction” or an invocation of divine blessing.

This song goes through all of the qualities of the goddess Lakshmi, and seeks blessings from the one with lotus like eyes, dark flowing hair, soft hands, and a pleasant voice.


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  1. This is such a beautiful piece I was looking for the piece which had Anil Subramanyan and Sikkil Gurucharan there is a video for it in youtube but I can’t seem to find it.

    • Thank you so much! Sikkil Gurucharan actually doesn’t sing this piece. This recording (without my voice of course) is available for listening on Anil Srinivasans website, as well as a few other songs including Gurucharan.

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