Adai and Vazhakai Karri


Whoever says cooking isn’t a form of art is horribly mistaken. It requires hand-eye-coordination, precision, and if it doesn’t look good, people will not be impressed.

Of course, I am not exactly a ‘cook’. Okay, I am not even close to being a cook. I bake things every now and then, but there is no guarantee on the quality of my food. One thing I have ‘mastered’ to some degree is South Indian “karri” (I say “karri” instead of “curry”, to keep people from getting confused. South Indian “curry” is dry). This dry vegetable side dish accompanies rice and sambar/rasam etc. This past weekend, my parents weren’t home, and there was nothing in the fridge except for some raw vegetables and adai batter (It’s kindof like Dosa but it is made of lentils). I whipped up some Vazhakai (plantain) “karri” and made myself adai. My Adai, yogurt and Vazhaka karri meal was quite delicious (And slightly lame). However, there was a lot of leftover karri for lunch the next day.

The next morning, my ma made the rasam. My cooking hasn’t evolved that far yet. But it will, eventually. And you will see the ‘journey’ on my blog. I am warning you, it will be a journey for the very patient!


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