Abstract Ganesha Fabric


In class last night, we had the opportunity to experiment with ink. Our teacher set up a box on a table, which he covered with fabric. He asked us to bring a random photo from home, which we had to curve and modify, so the image looked like it was printed on the fabric.

The lesson

Ink can be used in two ways. Either you can use your ink pen, which you can dip in and add tonal values using stippling or hatching (dots or crosses). Also, you can fill a cup with water and a little bit of ink to use like water colours.

Without teaching us anymore, our teacher told us to experiment! For someone who has never used ink before, and who has rarely used water colours before (I used it as a kid, and never learnt any techniques), this really was a huge “experiment”. It was also a lot of fun.

Work in Progress

My teacher came around and told me that it was a great first attempt, which was good to hear (Great ‘first attempt’ and Great are two different things).  My parents liked it though. After a long time we are drawing something that is not halloween related, so they are probably just relieved.

1. I drew the outline in pencil, and when I was satisfied with the position of things, I outlined it in ink. Initially i was using a very thin pen, but I enjoyed using a slightly larger one. It gave me a greater variation in line width. You can see the drawing that I used as a reference on the top of the image (I didn’t follow the reference exactly)

2. I used the “water colour technique” (Which I need to YouTube) to add in some grays. I actually started dark and made it lighter, but I think the other way would be a lot easier to get finer details in. Also, I am definitely going to use a larger brush for larger areas. I was actually relatively pleased, until I used a pen to add in some darks. I was using cartridge paper, which couldn’t handle the water.  Since the page was still wet, the ink spread. Of course I kept going (genious, I say). Ideally, I would probably start with the pen darks, then add the greys in with a brush from light to dark.

3. For the remainder of the class, I tried to “correct” the dark ink blotches by making certain areas dark. I think this is when I ruined it (And my teacher agreed). I think the darks distracts the eye a little bit. However, overall, i was quite pleased with this first attempt!

Inks as a medium are a LOT of fun to work with, because the result that you get is extremely dramatic. However it is very unforgiving, so for my assignment, I am definitely going to do a smaller sketch first to get a clear understanding of where I would want my darks to be.


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