Winter Fabric


After a classroom attempt at drawing fabric with ink, and a fun assignment experiment (that I decided to resubmit due to fabric over-simplicity), I finally decided to submit the image below, a relatively simple cloth with snowmen embedded on top. I used a kitchen towel to arrange the folds, and created the image/border etc myself. Though it is a reasonably simple image and fold (And most likely at or below class average), I think I was able to capture the ‘fabric’ effect more effectively than ever before, and finally feel comfortable using ink. Which was the main point, I think.

I  used Ink, a standard pointed split tip nib, water, synthetic paintbrushes, and 18×24 inch Canson En Tout Ca paper. It was nearly twice as expensive as the Watercolour paper, and though it did hold the water well and produce a great finish, the water colour paper was also pretty decent so I would probably stick with that in the future. This is the final result

I also think ink has become one of my favourite mediums. I have only tried it 3 times, so it might also be the initial excitement :)


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