Monthly Archives: December 2010

Heart Keychain


After not having a proper key chain for a long time, I decided to make one using a few leftover beads and a large heart pendant I purchased a while ago and never used. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to rotate the key chain so that you could see the different beads I used, but both pictures look exactly the same. I think the last one shows the key chain the best, even though it is on my horrible pink carpet.

Makes a pretty good Christmas Present don’t you think?

Christmas Card


This is the start of a very huge series of similar christmas cards, which I will be giving to coworkers for the holiday season :) These cards are actually extremely simple, and pretty small (1/8th the size of an A4 paper).  I’ll probably be putting together one or two dozen of these over the weekend.

I picked up a Gold & Silver pen from Michaels, and used some random red scrap book paper that I had lying around the house (I think it was a bulk package from Costco, but I could be mistaken). Then it was just a matter of putting it together. Goes to show that it doesn’t take too much skill or money to put together some great homemade cards :)

Caricature Story


So I recently started reading this amazing blog, where an artist by the name of Shafali posts great caricatures! Caricatures are EXTREMELY difficult (I wouldn’t even know where to begin), and it requires skill that goes much beyond copying what you see.

The blog has a monthly “carnival” where readers are invited to write a story (small or big) about a caricature that she posts. I am not much of a “story” writer, but here’s my take on this work. I think this poor guy was kicked out of his home and is looking out into the dark night depressed about having nowhere to go. However, he realizes that he needs to get through the dark times of his life, in order to experience the sunshine of tomorrow. I love how she captured the mood with  the lighting, and the facial expressions here are great!

What story do you think this tells?

S’mores Cookies!


After a coworker made these amazing S’mores cookies using this recipe from the domestic scientist , I also decided to give them a try!

I used the suggestions to push the marshmallows into the cookie batter after putting them on the cookie sheets, and using half of the recipe. I modified the recipe slightly by using 72% cocoa dark chocolate instead of regular milk chocolate. Since this recipe is already very sweet, I would definitely recommend doing that!

One thing I had difficulty with, was that the chocolate melted in the oven, so I had to refrigerate the cookies before peeling them from the cookie sheet. However, they were still amazingly chewy, and definitely my favourite cookie recipe to date!

This is the cookie dough placed onto the sheet with Marshmallows pushed in. I am always amazed when people make their cookies into perfect circles.

These are the cookies half done in the oven. I had three trays going at a time.

And MOST importantly, the final result!!

Snowflake Cards


On my Etsy Page I posted several cards and jewelry items, and last week I got my first order. It was an order for 10 snow flake cards which I finished last night. I used card paper, ink pens.

This is a picture of the snowflake grid cards:

I got a little creative with the remaining 5 snowflake cards, and made each of them a little different.

If you’re still interested in getting Christmas Cards, or any last minute homemade gifts, then visit my etsy page or send me an email at srisarts at

Kaisi Paheli Zindagani Live- Take Two


Last year, I performed Kaisi Paheli Zindagani for our University Diwali Dinner and it was a huge crowd pleaser (You can find the lyrics here). This past weekend I re performed it for the “Panorama India Idol“. I didn’t have much time to prepare, which is why I decided to go with a song I knew.

I didn’t make it past elimination rounds, but I’d like to think that the audience enjoyed the performance regardless. I definitely had a good time.