Caricature Story


So I recently started reading this amazing blog, where an artist by the name of Shafali posts great caricatures! Caricatures are EXTREMELY difficult (I wouldn’t even know where to begin), and it requires skill that goes much beyond copying what you see.

The blog has a monthly “carnival” where readers are invited to write a story (small or big) about a caricature that she posts. I am not much of a “story” writer, but here’s my take on this work. I think this poor guy was kicked out of his home and is looking out into the dark night depressed about having nowhere to go. However, he realizes that he needs to get through the dark times of his life, in order to experience the sunshine of tomorrow. I love how she captured the mood with  the lighting, and the facial expressions here are great!

What story do you think this tells?


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  1. Hi Sri,
    My Internet connection has been playing pranks on me – and when I was about to post a comment here yesterday, it hung up on me :(
    Thank you so much for mentioning the carnival here. I like your concept of the boy who ran away from home. I am sure you can write a beautiful story around it. I know you are an artist but every artist is a storyteller at heart. You might want to begin by putting yourself in the shoes of this boy and figure out what he’d do next…
    I’d love to read your story…and I hope your art course is going well. I plan to go through your other posts today sometime if my Internet connection permits:)
    Warm Regards,

    • Thanks! My art course is done for the term, and now its into the crazy holiday season & getting ready to go back to school! If I have time I’ll definitely write a story :) I hope you have a happy holidays

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