Piano Time!


My friend Adhi and I went over to the Anglican Church nearby where Steve has access to an amazing Piano. The three of us had a great time talking about music and trying random things. Steve also introduced me to some Chopin, which I regrettably didn’t get to record.

Here’s an impromptu remake of Every Breath and Beegi Honth, inspired by Penn Masala, an amazing acapella group! I heard a 20 second preview of this song on itunes and decided to try it out. 10 minutes before I left for the church I wrote down the swaras to “Every Breath” (That is how I learn :P), and Steve cooincidentally knew a part of the song on the piano. This random first time experiment (First for me and him!) turned out to be pretty fun, and it’s definitely being considered for a campus-wide charity talent night! (Note: I talk in the beginning, and get off key. And possibly off beat :P)

Here is a video of Steve and I playing the Piano. Well, Steve playing the piano, and me poking at random keys :P Similarly, we also did chop sticks and another song that I didn’t record.


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