Birthday cards I recieved


For my birthday, I got a ton of home made cards, which my friends & family probably realized that I do love. (Of course, when one of my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said ‘a homemade card’ lol, so I asked for that one :P). Anyways, I think my friends are all pretty amazing artists!

1) Kids cards!: The card below was the first card I recieved, and it was from my 3 year old cousin. I think I sense an artist in the making! The second card is from my friend who is 21, but I felt that his drawing fit in the kids category :P

2) A very personal card: This hilarious card from my sister made my day. It’s filled with inside jokes like my bad haircut, our biggest fight (actually), and how I react to jokes. Isn’t she ridiculously amazing at cartooning?

3) Card Modification: As a vegetarian and a bit of a fob, my friend decided to modify this card that she bought. Also, she sent it to me via snail mail, which was very exciting (I love getting mail)!

4) A nerdy card: My closest friends at university always make homemade cards, and usually, they’re full of math jokes. This one not only had a (very accurate) picture of me in the front, but I had to decrypt the code inside using an affine cipher. If that isn’t nerdy, I dont know what is! And yes, the code is “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!” :P

5) A great attempt: My friend who can’t draw to save his life (kidding: P) worked really hard on this card! He started calling me pineapple head after a bad hairstyle, and somehow I started calling him Mr. Potato Head (Those are potatoes)

6) I can’t be-leaf it!: My friend Vidya (whose card I recently made) made me this card that she stuck leaves onto! I thought it looked pretty great :) Also, to top if off, she gave me a homemade present- these amazing earrings! Vidya, as i’ve mentioned before is amazing at jewelry making. You can check her out on her website!

7) An artist’s card: My friend Annya who blogs at is an amazing painter, and she painted this card for me. It looked great!!! Also, her sister and one of my closest friends made the envelope (See, I did give you credit :)!

And there you have it, amazing birthday cards from amazing people :) What do you all think?

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  1. LOL, i LOVE this post!
    1) Your sister is a genius. 11 x 2 .. i’d have never guessed!
    2) And that Sri is Twenty Two and Sneha is Twenty Too was pretty darn hilarious! hahahaha
    3) Who is Vinay Menon?
    4) poor raja
    5) that math deciphering thing was UBER AWESOME! your friends are legitly cool (H)
    6) Shucks, I’m glad you liked the card :D Vrishali’ll be ecstatic to know you loved the envelope ;)

  2. Vrishali, I have to agree. It is pretty darn amazing. If you and Raja started making cards together you’d wipe out Hallmark! That’s how amaaazing it is!

    Annya, my sis is pretty awesome (and obviously very brilliant with her mathematics). She’s pretty artistic herself but she likes to hide it :P. Vinay Menon is this ‘comedy’ columnist for the Toronto Star. We both had our obsession periods with him. He’s just very witty lol, I lowe the way he writes. Vrishali is probably on cloud 9 right now. And poor raja? I totally called him a budding artist!

  3. Hahahaha Sneha’s card is awesome – that must’ve taken a while to do! And budding artist? Please, I’m so far above artist, I’m pretty much artiste. THAT good.

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