Monthly Archives: April 2011

Toronto Bead Convention


In mid March, I attended the Toronto Bead Convention at the Metro Convention Centre. Here are some of my purchases, taken by my Sony Cybershot camera.

1) Amethyst Balls

2)Peuter caps. These make any bead look so expensive!

3)More Peuter beads

4) Bali beads, and Garnet pendant from Indonesia (These were my expensive purchases of the day)

5) Peuter end peices

6) Crystals (A string of crystals cost only $4.00)

7) Onyx.

8) This bead was handmade in africa, and I got it because I thought it looked like a Mridangam. Istill haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to use it

Following the bead convention, I made an amethyst set, and the set with the Bali beads. Both turned out great! I will definitely be posting them soon. The moral of this post is that, if you’re into beading, you should definitely check out the Toronto convention. It’s an amazing place and the prices comparitively are GREAT! You can also get some really unique quality items.

Hindu Federation Youth Conference Display


In 2009, I was graciously asked by the Hindu Federation to display a few pieces of work at their Hindu Federation Youth Conference held in the Mississauga. Though I didn’t attend the conference myself, here is a picture of my little section. It’s definitely a lot of my older work.

I know I said I have been upto a lot of creativity over the past couple of non-blogging weeks, and here I am posting something from 2009. I apologize. You can look forward to seeing my purchases at the Toronto Bead Convention, two beautiful new jewelry sets, and a couple of pen doodles. I have not yet uploaded pictures from my camera, but I promise that there will be new stuff in a week.

Why a week I say? Because for now, I’m off to New York! See you all soon :)

Raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society


This year, a friend and I were co-captains for a Relay for Life team. Relay for Life is hosted annually at my University, where students walk/jog the outdoor track from 7PM-7AM to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. This was my second year participating in the relay, and my interest was spurred by a good friend of mine that passed away from cancer in November 2009.

Our team, “Team Pi” raised around $2000.00, and I personally managed to raise close to $350. During our money-raising period, the co-captain and I put together a VERY quick, and if I must say VERY artistic, money collector made out of a paper coffee cup. I am also being VERY sarcastic when I call this artistic. We managed to raise over $50.00 by just collecting spare change from our small math classes. To those of you who donated, thank you for contributing towards a great cause :) I am definitely going to miss such spirited university events now that I am done!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to write an entire post without something artsy in it! Here is our money collecting cup :)

Five Birthdays


I have been behind on my posting, but I haven’t fallen behind in creativity.  I promise I will eventually post everything I’ve been upto. So over the past couple of weeks, five of my friends had birthdays, and here are the cards that four of them received (My friends and I made the 5th card in class and I forgot to photograph it!)

1) This is a card made with Stabilo 0.4 mm pens and gold pen for a friend of mine who recently announced that she’s going to be getting married! I’m sure this year is going to bring her a lot of interesting things :)

2) This one is done with graphite pencil. I know it might look bland to you, but somehow I liked it this way. This was for my friend Annya who is an artist herself. I actually still haven’t given this card to her!

3) This third card was for a friend of ours who we joke around with a lot. Clearly :P

4) This card is for one of my oldest and closest friends. Sadly this card isn’t an inside joke. It’s just weird. But she likes weird things I think… She has stuck around me for many years!


So clearly, I had time to make these cards, but I never got around to posting them on my blog. I wish I had a great excuse like “I had so much studying to do!”, but really, I have just been enjoying my final term of university to the fullest. And apparently attending a lot of birthdays

I hope all these 5 people had great birthdays, and have a fantastic year ahead :)