Five Birthdays


I have been behind on my posting, but I haven’t fallen behind in creativity.  I promise I will eventually post everything I’ve been upto. So over the past couple of weeks, five of my friends had birthdays, and here are the cards that four of them received (My friends and I made the 5th card in class and I forgot to photograph it!)

1) This is a card made with Stabilo 0.4 mm pens and gold pen for a friend of mine who recently announced that she’s going to be getting married! I’m sure this year is going to bring her a lot of interesting things :)

2) This one is done with graphite pencil. I know it might look bland to you, but somehow I liked it this way. This was for my friend Annya who is an artist herself. I actually still haven’t given this card to her!

3) This third card was for a friend of ours who we joke around with a lot. Clearly :P

4) This card is for one of my oldest and closest friends. Sadly this card isn’t an inside joke. It’s just weird. But she likes weird things I think… She has stuck around me for many years!


So clearly, I had time to make these cards, but I never got around to posting them on my blog. I wish I had a great excuse like “I had so much studying to do!”, but really, I have just been enjoying my final term of university to the fullest. And apparently attending a lot of birthdays

I hope all these 5 people had great birthdays, and have a fantastic year ahead :)


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  1. HEY YOU!
    I LOVE that card! You definitely need to give it to me soon -__-. it’s almost a month late now :P at first cuz of my laptop brightness i thought it was just a shaded cylinder on the paper and was like “wow she wasnt kidding when she said it looked bland” LOL and then i bent my screen back AND SAW ITS A FLOWER!

    that’s some pretty sick stuff there. you’re sketching ability is awesome.

    draw me more things :)

  2. I believe the last card is the best :D:D:D:D

    and i love the weirdness…and it is why i’ve stuck around for so long :P

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