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Whistle Podu!!


So if you haven’t already heard, the Chennai Super Kings have made it to the IPL finals :D

I recorded a veryy short track of the CSK song “Whistle Podu” to support the winning team. This track is acapella, and it was recorded in Audacity.


Chennai Superkingsikku, Perriya Whistle Adinga (Blow out a whistle for the CSK!)

(Random Note: I was born in Mumbai, so I will not be sad if the Mumbai Indians win :P)

Jewelry Sets


Over the past 2 months, I’ve made a couple of jewelry peices. Some of them using the beads I bought from the Bead Convention.

1) Set with Indonesian Garnet pendant, Peuter stones, and Bali beads

2) Set using amethysts and peuter

3) Simple pearl bracelet (Mostly for work)

4) Long necklace with an assortment of leftover beads

I also made a couple of earrings for my housemates as well, which I will post separately :)

Screen Printing Workshop


Yesterday, I attended a screen printing workshop at Wise Daughters . If you haven’t heard of them, definitely take the time to browse their website. They not only have great workshops, but they also are home to over 75 artists, and there are a lot of amazing pieces for sale.

This workshop was hosted by Christine Pensa who is a professional artist. She took us through the method, and did an amazing job of making sure we understood every step. After the workshop was finished, I felt like I could go for another 3 hours, which is definitely a sign of a great workshop and a great instructor.

During the three hour workshop, I made two different designs, and printed the edge of a scarf (In a great dark grey bamboo material), an apron, and a cloth (That I may use to sew pillows later). I still have a tote bag that I can screen print later. Though I don’t have the materials at home, I’ll definitely be purchasing a start-up kit soon.

The first few photos are ‘in action’, and they were taken at the Wise Daughters Art Studio. After I heat set my final prints by sticking the fabrics in the dryer, the prints actually became a part of the fabric, which is evident in the last two pictures. The results are a lot cleaner than fabric painting!


The Most Amazing Blueberry Squares


Instead of baking more Scones, I decided to use the frozen blueberry’s to make THIS blueberry oat bar recipe. I only modified the recipe by cutting down the sugar to 1 cup. It was such an AMAZING recipe, and these bars turned out FANTASTIC! I just couldn’t get enough of them, and I’ll definitely be making this recipe over and over again.

Also, the same day I baked these, I decided to bake portabello mushroom pizza’s as a snack. For my pizza’s, I cut the stem off the portabello mushroom (After wiping, and NOT washing them since mushrooms soak up water) and rubbed the cap with a bit of olive oil and placed them top-down on the pan. I baked it plain for 10 minutes. I then added a layer of pasta sauce, a lot of spinach, some sun dried tomatoes, and feta cheese. I put that in the oven for another 25 minutes. Though they tasted good, the mushroom base didn’t seem baked enough for me. Also, for those of you vegetarians who haven’t prepared portabello mushrooms before, they smell a lot like meat, and the dark scales under the mushroom are a mess. I don’t think I’ll be making those at home anymore, and I’ll stick to eating portabello mushrooms (Which I do love) at restaurants!

Blueberry Scones


Two weeks ago, a friend came over and we baked Blueberry Scones, adapting from THIS recipe. I have to give my friend credit for finding this. It has no cream, and barely any sugar.  It’s pretty healthy, AND its delicious.

One disclaimer- Frozen blueberries apparently leak a lot of juice, and yes, our scones were blue. With the lemon glaze, it even looked alive. But they were SUPER delicious!

We changed the recipe by using 2 cups of whole wheat flour. For the glaze, we squeezed an entire lemon and added sugar until it was the consistency of tomato soup. We definitely did NOT add a full cup of sugar into the glaze. If I were to redo it, I would increase the amount of sugar in the batter, and decrease the sugar in the glaze. Without the glaze the scones had no sugar in it, and I have  a pretty big sweet tooth. The glaze made an amazing impact on the taste though.

Overall, they were a hit, and I still have some blueberries left, so I will definitely be whipping up another batch pretty soon.

Krishna, Radha and Gopi’s


I drew this picture of Krishna and Radha with several Gopi’s using a regular graphite pencil on card paper. I drew it for an uncle who has taught me a lot about Hinduism, and even got involved with the Hindu Student Association at my University.

There are two versions. The first one is scanned the enlargement is very grainy, however the colours are correct. The second is taken with my digital camera so you can see the details better, however the colour is off.