Blueberry Scones


Two weeks ago, a friend came over and we baked Blueberry Scones, adapting from THIS recipe. I have to give my friend credit for finding this. It has no cream, and barely any sugar.  It’s pretty healthy, AND its delicious.

One disclaimer- Frozen blueberries apparently leak a lot of juice, and yes, our scones were blue. With the lemon glaze, it even looked alive. But they were SUPER delicious!

We changed the recipe by using 2 cups of whole wheat flour. For the glaze, we squeezed an entire lemon and added sugar until it was the consistency of tomato soup. We definitely did NOT add a full cup of sugar into the glaze. If I were to redo it, I would increase the amount of sugar in the batter, and decrease the sugar in the glaze. Without the glaze the scones had no sugar in it, and I have  a pretty big sweet tooth. The glaze made an amazing impact on the taste though.

Overall, they were a hit, and I still have some blueberries left, so I will definitely be whipping up another batch pretty soon.


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