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Singing with Shankar Mahadevan- IIFA 2011


If you are visiting my blog after a while, make sure you read the prelude to this post. It will give you a little bit of a background.

The last time I left you, there were no videos posted of the entire music workshop, and definitely nothing of me singing with Shankar Mahadevan. I did finally find a video for you :). (Edit: I originally had the RawalTV video here, along with my singing and the MC Siddharth Kannan mentioning it in an interview afterwards,  but unfortunately it no longer exists). My singing starts at approximately 1:01:30

It sounds like my voice was shaking along with my body :P It’s either nervousness, or the fact that I was singing at “C”, which is quite a few notches higher than my regular “G#”.

[Edit 03/11/2012]

The above clip is a shortened version of the entire IIFA Workshop, with just my part. The sound is terrible, as it got sped up, but if you don’t feel like searching through the entire video, this will give you a glimpse. It has been over 8 months since this experience and thinking about it still gets me excited. How I wish I could go to India and get the opportunity to really sing with such stalwarts.

A Bollywood Weekend- IIFA 2011


This past weekend was definitely an epic time in the life of an average Torontonian. With IIFA being hosted at the Rogers Center, all our lives just became a little bit more Bollywood. In my case, they became a lot more Bollywood!

It all started on Thursday. I decided to check out the Royal York Hotel during my lunch and was interviewed by “City TV”.

On Friday night, when I attended the IIFA Rocks Green Carpet, was when it started to get interesting. I got to shake hands and/or take pictures with Shahrukh, Madhavan, Genelia D’Souza, Rakesh Roshan, Gulshan Grover, Anupam Kher, Arshad Warsi, Sonakshi, Sonu Sood, Anil Kapoor, Omi Vaidhya, Lisa Ray, Ritesh Deshmukh, Sonu Nigam, Neha Dhupia, Vivek Oberoi, and more! Not only were my screams and excitement all over “OMNI TV” the next day, but I was also featured in the National Post, in this picture alongside Dia Mirza.

If you think that is as Bollywood as it gets, well, what happened next would prove you wrong. I attended the IIFA Music Workshop on June 25th. The IIFA music workshop was a free workshop hosted by Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsan, Loy, Javed Akhter, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Salim. I was first in line, and we got fourth row seats, also the first row open to visitors. Before I got into the auditorium, I was interviewed by “Special Report- Rogers“. In the front row were special guests including Shabana Azmi and Javed Jaffrey. We were literally 15 feet away from the stage! Near the end of the workshop, I had the most amazing celebrity encounter of my life! Shankar Ehsan Loy composed a song to Javed Akhters lyrics on the spot, and I had the extreme honour of learning two lines on stage of the song from Shankar Mahadevan himself. I believe that art is something that you never stop learning, and to even learn two lines from undoubtedly one of the best musicians in India, was the most phenomenal experience ever. The cheering audience was like the icing on the cake. My picture was featured on several websites including SantaBanta (This was funny, because in the thumbnails they accidentally focused on my face instead of Shankar Mahadevan’s, so my face really was one among the stars), BollySpice, and Filmi Cafe. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of memory space at that exact moment! I have contacted two media companies that were there, and as soon as I can find a video I will post it here. Rawal TV was a media company that I contacted at the venue itself, and they did say that they would soon be posting the entire workshop within a couple of days! I have been checking their website every couple of hours!! :P

Here are a few pictures from several websites. I promise I’ll get that video to you as soon as I can. The last picture is the funny printscreen from santabanta, and my image now has nearly 3500 views! The only thing that really was too bad, is that my name was never mentioned on stage, and I didn’t think to introduce myself (In the shock and excitement I am happy I was atleast able to get SOMETHING out of my mouth). So that picture has thousands of views but nobody really knows who I am. Yet ;)!

(The picture above is the one on several IIFA workshop articles)



The rumor goes, that there was this IIT student named Rohan Rathore. During his time there, he was diagnosed with cancer. He also fell in love and wrote this song. 15 days after this song was recorded, cancer claimed his life. However, according to the Hindustan times, this song was actually recorded by a singer named Gajendra Verma, who wasn’t too happy about Rohan’s name being associated with his recording.

Anyways, here is a cover of this song. I couldn’t find a good karaoke, so I made my own background music using Audacity. Each layer in this recording was done in one shot, so there are mistakes. I just had a little bit of extra time so I thought I’d do something fun. If you ignore all of that, the song itself is very beautiful.

Here are the lyrics

Enjoy :)

Cards and a bookmark- And it can be yours!


I had a piece of scrap paper leftover,  decided to make it into a bookmark, and loved the result! I attached the bottom of the bookmark with a magnetic strip. Soon, I will be posting the bookmarks on Etsy, and as always, you can contact me personally at srisarts at for a customized order.

Additionally, I made two more cards. One of them follows the theme of the bookmark (Which I think is very dramatic) and one is in the floral theme that always seems to creep into my work. I used my nib pen and ink pot for both of them, and the colours in the flower are done using acrylic paint. Actually, my ink blotted so I had to cover it up with a painted piece of paper that said “Smile!”. Ink is definitely a very unforgiving medium to work with. It blots very easily, and you can’t “erase” a mistake away!

Now for sale :)

So a while ago, I started up an Etsy page, where local artists can sell their work. I haven’t updated this page in a long time, however if you would like to order personalized handmade cards from me, please contact me at srisarts at

The bookmark above will be sold online for only $0.75, to cover the cost of materials. For customized bookmarks, you will need to contact me personally. They make great little gifts for book lovers, and will soon be a very personal stocking stuffer.

Most of the cards you see in my blog can be purchased for $3.00 (Or $2.00 for a mini size- about the size of a palm). It’s cheaper than cards at hallmark, and each card would be handmade and unique! You can also customize the size to fit your envelopes at home.

If you are interested in ordering, or have any questions or comments about the blog, I would love to hear from you :)




So my friend Ivan Radulovic, who is not just an awesome cartoonist but also a budding programmer, created an amazing app under his startup company, Immicom Interactive .

This app is a game called “Neenites” and it involves directing these (amazingly cute) alien creatures through a maze in order to get the Neenites safely into their space ship. This app is well designed, addictive, and only $0.99! It’s definitely a small amount for BIG fun, so I hope everyone is downloading Neenites onto their iPhones and iPod touch’s right now! If you do have a phone with an Android OS or an iPad, stay tuned. Neenites will be releasing on those platforms within the next couple of weeks :)

So there are two reasons I am posting this up here. For one, Ivan is great with kids, has a funny sense of humour, and extremely hardworking. Basically, he’s not just extremely talented, but he’s also a great friend who has worked extremely hard on this app. And I support my friends. The second reason I am posting this here is because, well, I can’t seem to pass level 5! So I was hoping we could  start some strategy brainstorming in the comments :)

Check out some of these screen shots. You can also “like” Neenites on facebook.

On an unrelated note, I also added some silly pictures that Ivan and I doodled during our long studying hours at University!

Screen Shots:

Doodles: The first one is a cartoon portrait of me, and the second is a cartoon that Ivan outlined and I filled in. See what I mean by artist?


A new key chain, and my 100th post!


Hello all! So as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in two weeks! I have been fiddling more with ink and acrylics though, so I’ll post that soon.

Today, however, I will post something different. So, these past two weeks have definitely been a very irresponsible two weeks of my life. I lost my entire key chain, left my agenda (which is basically how I know where I am) at my friends place, and have misplaced countless other things. I have also been extremely klutsy, dropping my computer charger into salsa, and walking into walls.

I digress. To get to the point, To replace my old key chain, I have pulled out a new key chain that I made a while ago. I got this great necklace when I did my dance arangetram in 2009, but it wasn’t really my style so I took it apart for the very unique rock-beads. I used those to make this key chain.

So as far as the past two weeks go, I also have some great news! I am officially a University Graduate, and a working girl in Toronto! This big news is definitely a worthy topic for my  100th post :)

Cards with Acrylics and Ink


This past week, I made two more cards. I’m starting to have more cards than events, but I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

For these stylized cards, I started with Acrylic Paint on water colour paper, and added Black India Ink. I haven’t worked with Inks in a while, so I enjoyed making these cards.