A new key chain, and my 100th post!


Hello all! So as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in two weeks! I have been fiddling more with ink and acrylics though, so I’ll post that soon.

Today, however, I will post something different. So, these past two weeks have definitely been a very irresponsible two weeks of my life. I lost my entire key chain, left my agenda (which is basically how I know where I am) at my friends place, and have misplaced countless other things. I have also been extremely klutsy, dropping my computer charger into salsa, and walking into walls.

I digress. To get to the point, To replace my old key chain, I have pulled out a new key chain that I made a while ago. I got this great necklace when I did my dance arangetram in 2009, but it wasn’t really my style so I took it apart for the very unique rock-beads. I used those to make this key chain.

So as far as the past two weeks go, I also have some great news! I am officially a University Graduate, and a working girl in Toronto! This big news is definitely a worthy topic for my  100th post :)


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