So my friend Ivan Radulovic, who is not just an awesome cartoonist but also a budding programmer, created an amazing app under his startup company, Immicom Interactive .

This app is a game called “Neenites” and it involves directing these (amazingly cute) alien creatures through a maze in order to get the Neenites safely into their space ship. This app is well designed, addictive, and only $0.99! It’s definitely a small amount for BIG fun, so I hope everyone is downloading Neenites onto their iPhones and iPod touch’s right now! If you do have a phone with an Android OS or an iPad, stay tuned. Neenites will be releasing on those platforms within the next couple of weeks :)

So there are two reasons I am posting this up here. For one, Ivan is great with kids, has a funny sense of humour, and extremely hardworking. Basically, he’s not just extremely talented, but he’s also a great friend who has worked extremely hard on this app. And I support my friends. The second reason I am posting this here is because, well, I can’t seem to pass level 5! So I was hoping we could  start some strategy brainstorming in the comments :)

Check out some of these screen shots. You can also “like” Neenites on facebook.

On an unrelated note, I also added some silly pictures that Ivan and I doodled during our long studying hours at University!

Screen Shots:

Doodles: The first one is a cartoon portrait of me, and the second is a cartoon that Ivan outlined and I filled in. See what I mean by artist?



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