Cards and a bookmark- And it can be yours!


I had a piece of scrap paper leftover,  decided to make it into a bookmark, and loved the result! I attached the bottom of the bookmark with a magnetic strip. Soon, I will be posting the bookmarks on Etsy, and as always, you can contact me personally at srisarts at for a customized order.

Additionally, I made two more cards. One of them follows the theme of the bookmark (Which I think is very dramatic) and one is in the floral theme that always seems to creep into my work. I used my nib pen and ink pot for both of them, and the colours in the flower are done using acrylic paint. Actually, my ink blotted so I had to cover it up with a painted piece of paper that said “Smile!”. Ink is definitely a very unforgiving medium to work with. It blots very easily, and you can’t “erase” a mistake away!

Now for sale :)

So a while ago, I started up an Etsy page, where local artists can sell their work. I haven’t updated this page in a long time, however if you would like to order personalized handmade cards from me, please contact me at srisarts at

The bookmark above will be sold online for only $0.75, to cover the cost of materials. For customized bookmarks, you will need to contact me personally. They make great little gifts for book lovers, and will soon be a very personal stocking stuffer.

Most of the cards you see in my blog can be purchased for $3.00 (Or $2.00 for a mini size- about the size of a palm). It’s cheaper than cards at hallmark, and each card would be handmade and unique! You can also customize the size to fit your envelopes at home.

If you are interested in ordering, or have any questions or comments about the blog, I would love to hear from you :)



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