Singing with Shankar Mahadevan- IIFA 2011


If you are visiting my blog after a while, make sure you read the prelude to this post. It will give you a little bit of a background.

The last time I left you, there were no videos posted of the entire music workshop, and definitely nothing of me singing with Shankar Mahadevan. I did finally find a video for you :). (Edit: I originally had the RawalTV video here, along with my singing and the MC Siddharth Kannan mentioning it in an interview afterwards,  but unfortunately it no longer exists). My singing starts at approximately 1:01:30

It sounds like my voice was shaking along with my body :P It’s either nervousness, or the fact that I was singing at “C”, which is quite a few notches higher than my regular “G#”.

[Edit 03/11/2012]

The above clip is a shortened version of the entire IIFA Workshop, with just my part. The sound is terrible, as it got sped up, but if you don’t feel like searching through the entire video, this will give you a glimpse. It has been over 8 months since this experience and thinking about it still gets me excited. How I wish I could go to India and get the opportunity to really sing with such stalwarts.

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  1. Hi Srinithi. This is Dinkar Suri here. Akhila just showed me this clip and I saw your song. It was great ! I also took the chance to hear some of the other songs from you on the site. You sing so well ! Keep it up! My regards to your Parents and say hi to Sneha from me. You must give a performance when you are in Mumbai next . . . .

  2. SRINITHI!!!! That was simply superb!! You are bloody lucky!!! Great stuff! I hope something great comes out of this for you!! Keep it up! Btw, great job on the blog!! Proud of you, girl!!

  3. Thank you :) I hope I can make something of it in the future! In the mean time, I hope you subscribe to my blog :)

    Manama, so flattering! But Shankar Mahadevan’s diction is a million times better than mine! I just listened to “Tumhare Bina”- The song is so Carnatic I love it :)

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