Alaskan Adventures


So I’m back after a bit of a blogging hiatus, and there are quite a few things I need to post! My excuse is just about as good as it gets. I was on a 10 day vacation, which included a 7 day cruise through beautiful Alaska. For those who haven’t been to Alaska before, it is simply awe inspiring. Every single part of that trip was nothing short of spectacular.

On the last day of our cruise, I did this quick totem pole doodle- A direct inspiration from the traditional Alaskan art. The bottom of the totem pole is a ship, representing the cruise ship we went on. The next image is a Beaver, and as we learnt from the Beaver Clan in the Tlingit Tribe at Saxman Village in Ketchikan, a Beaver on a totem pole always has two large front teeth and holds a stick. The next image represents a Gondola. In Juneau, Alaska, we went on the steepest gondola I have ever seen, and took a one hour hike on top of the mountain. Following the hike, we visited the Mendenhall Glaciers and saw a Bear walking a couple of feet away from us, which is depicted in the next image on the pole. Moving up the pole is a train, representing the Yukon Whitepass Railway that we took from Skagway Alaksa, through Bennet BC, and up into the Yukon Territory. We then bussed down the Klondike Highway. It was definitely the highlight of my entire trip. On top of the totem pole is a sun. In a place that measures rain in feet and not inches, we had only ONE day of rain in the entire 10 days of our vacation. The weather was simply spectacular, and it really made the experience even more wonderful.

Though this is a simple peice of work, it really sums up a fabulous vacation, and brings in the Alaskan esscence. One more thing to note is that the sun on top was depicted that way to resemble a Princess crown; A small thanks to the Princess cruiseline for really making us feel like royalty. I did this in my low quality doodle book using a black Stabilo 0.4MM ink pen.


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