Monthly Archives: November 2011

Another Birthday Portrait


After the portrait I drew for a friends birthday in September, another friend wanted one for himself! I brought out my pencil and bristol vellum paper to try and make it happen. Ivan’s birthday was this past weekend and he was surprised that I remembered his request. The surprise may have also had something to do with the surprise party and the 3 playstation games we gave him.

Enjoy :)

Monkeys in Residence


During my first year of university,  I had two roomates and one of them LOVED monkeys and soccer. Whenever I was bored and I had a pencil in hand, she would usually say “draw a monkey!”

Here are two of the drawings I made over the year. The first one is a “Sri” monkey, with the #9 representing my birth date. Of course, the Sri monkey would completely miss the ball. The second monkey is a monkey we all know! It’s curious George of course.

A little bit of Batman


I have a four year old cousin (and best friend *cough*) that loves Batman. His love for Batman is slowly competing with his love for Spiderman.

For his birthday, I whipped up a quick batman card for him (REALLY quick, as you can tell).

On Halloween, which isn’t too far from his birthday, my friend organized a little pumpkin carving gathering. I followed in the theme and carved a Batman Pumpkin. It was the second pumpkin i’ve ever carved, and it was pretty fun trying to carve the pumpkin using a regular utility knife and a peeler! I have been having an extremely klutsy week so I am glad I didn’t cut myself during this little experiment.

Here’s the spiderweb pumpkin that my friend carved!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Diwali Mehendi


My mom has been asking me to put Mehendi for her since Diwali. I had 20 minutes before I headed out with some friends yesterday, so I decided to fulfil her wishes. Regardless of the two week delay, I did put the Henna just in time for a delayed Diwali party we’re heading to tonight.

Unrelated note: Those Koala’s behind ma’s hand is a growing collection of gifts from people I know who went to Australia, including my grade 4 teacher, my relative, and a distant family friend. I love those little guys.!

Standard is now !

A big thanks goes out to everyone who reads my blog, and I hope that I can bring you more interesting artwork in this upcoming year. I am pretty excited about finally marking my domain on the www. I was considering waiting until January 1st to get my new domain, but I was extremely impatient. Being the Hindu Banker that I am, I thought it would be appropriate to officially register for the domain on Diwali, and publish it on my blog at the first day of the new Fiscal Year.