7 Days of Christmas Day 3- Bulk Christmas Cards!


This year my sister and I went on a Christmas card rampage! It all started when my coworker “K” spotted this fun wrapping paper at this  store called “essence du papier”. After a huge hunt for some card paper, I got three huge sheets of navy blue, silver and red paper at Curry’s for only $3.00! My sister and I spent two full evenings making cards for our friends and coworkers. The red and green cards are the ones that we made for corworkers. “K”‘s neat handwriting gave the cards a nice finish I could never get with my chicken scratch :) The cards for our friends were made on the navy blue paper, to match our navy blue and silver Christmas theme.

After two full nights of card making, we were definitely in the christmas spirit. Literally “IN” the christmas spirit. We were COVERED in sparkles!

For the fun sight of the day, here’s some of the snow fall we had last weekend. The snow fall was very light, although it was nice that each snow flake pattern was so distinct. It melted by the end of the day, but it did give us momentary joy.


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