Merry Christmas!


Each year, I celebrate Christmas more than I celebrate any of my Hindu celebrations. Though we are not a Christian family, the season is magical, and the spirit is  contageous.

This year I did something a little different. One of my closest friends often spends this weekend with us, as her family lives far away. Last night, my sister and I decided to accompany her to the Christmas service at the local Anglican Church. I always enjoy the atmosphere of place of worship, but actually participating in the service was an amazing experience. The service itself was great. There was a 7 peice band and a choir, and we all stood up and sang with them. Similar to bhajans, everyone got up, people clapped along, and it was extremely involving. We then read a passage of the Bible, and I was expecting the priests sermon to be very serious. It was nothing like what I expected! He was relatively young, and the sermon related the passage to things that all of us face.

The lesson that the preist wanted to get across, was that we all have fear. Whether it be fear of not paying the next credit card bill, fear of being abandoned, fear of performing etc. If you take all the fear and its associated negative feelings, and replace it with the goodness of god, the world would be a happier place.

We then did communion, where we walked up and accepted a peice of bread dipped in red wine, representing the body and blood of Jesus Christ. This was followed by a Candlelight service where everyone sang Silent Night with nothing but the candles.

Here is the video that they showed us of the Christmas Story. Merry Christmas!


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