Bayon Inspired Buddha Painting



My inspiration for this painting was the Bayon Temple in Cambodia. This temple was originally Buddhist, but the 8th King (Jayavarman, a devout Shiva follower) was not pleased. He destroyed all of the Buddha faces found in this temple (And there are 100’s), either by defacing them, or by adding a third eye to represent lord Shiva. Though faded, you can see the outline of the third eye in the photo that I have pasted below.

The Angkor region is known for it’s well priced Silver and cheap fabrics. I got several Raw Silk pillow cases for my mom, and the colours I chose for the paintings matched the colours of the cases. (Disclaimer, Any weird colours you see above can be blamed on my Samsung Galaxy camera)


This evening, my goal was to start on my Spanish homework, since I am hopelessly behind. However, when I saw my oil paints just sitting on the counter, I could not resist. I grabbed a piece of paper from my 11×15 Canson Watercolour Notebook, and pulled out those oils. I know that it was probably not the best mix of media, but I was just planning to “doodle” and see what happened.

In addition to picking Watercolour Paper for an Oil painting, I also took my “doodling” to the next level by not using my amazing Easel, or even getting off my chair. And to top it all off, I started and finished this painting on the same day. Here is my highly embarrassing work station, along with my even more embarrassing drying rack. Yes, that is a computer mouse. And the towel was there because my dad accidentally knocked my paints on the ground and it made a little bit of a mess. Don’t tell ma ;)





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