Watch me Prove!


Back in the Christmas of 2008, one of my closest friends spent the Christmas Holidays with our family for the first time. As a fellow “Mathie”, we started our holidays by making Math “bling” out of Aluminum Foil. She was Sigma, and I was Pi. We also composed our first song- “Prove”. We picked the song, and added lyrics to the first half. I worked a bit on the second half after the holidays, and helped pick out the proofs for the Chorus, but “Sigma” took it to the next level! She finished up the song, recorded it, and made an AMAZING video out of it! Needless to say, my sister ignored us for the entire holidays, even though we did make her “Integral” bling that she never wore. I guess we were too cool for her.

Sigma is definitely the most dedicated person I have ever met, and when she takes on a project, whether it be school, work, crafts, or .. well.. completely random, she puts in 100% effort. And it has paid off! This Video is awesomely hilarious, but it is not Sigma’s greatest accomplishment. She is a fantastic mathematician, works at an actuarial firm, studies, and continues to take on many creative projects in her spare time. She is also my “partner in crime” when it comes to Jewelry Making


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