Magazine Cover Plan


I learnt in my graphic design course, that the most important part of embarking a design project is planning it. Approximately 60% of the design must be planned before even turning on the computer! When planning for my Design Final- two magazine covers- I quickly understood the value of planning. It was a lot quicker and easier to use my eraser to make changes, and after visualizing the layout and consolidating my ideas, my time spent on Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop will also be considerably less.

In addition to drafting out my covers, I also did a comparitive analysis of five different magazines in the theme that I chose (Indian Wedding). I realized that the most effective magazine covers are modern, yet simple, with a unifying theme.

Here is the plan, using two photos from previously mentioned “Designer Dinesh Ramsay“. I named my magazine “Viva” (with an accent on the A), since Vivah in Hindi means wedding, but also refers to the spanish verb Viva which means Long Live. I’m looking forward to gathering all the tools I need to make my design a reality!


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