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Vivah: An Indian Bridal Magazine


Last week I finished my first Graphic Design Course. While I was comfortable with Adobe Photoshop basics prior to the course, I was introduced to the wonderful world of InDesign and Illustrator. For my final project, we were to create two magazine articles in a theme of our choice. The first one is the one that I had planned properly, and the pictures and colours worked out well. In the classroom critique, everyone liked the design, and it was definitely the class favourite. The second design was a bit of an experiment. I accidentally picked a photo that had a very busy background, and in an attempt to try ALL the tricks we learnt in class, the overall design (in my opinion) was a complete mess. It was however, an introduction course, and I learnt a lot!

I picked an Indian Bridal theme for my magazine. I called the magazine Viva , to represent the Spanish word “Viva”, and the Hindi word “Vivah”. As I generally like to do with my art, the covers do have some personal value to me. Not only did I use a Spanish play on words (I am currently learning Espanol), but I also included pictures from people that I know.

#1) The first magazine cover has a photo that was sent to me by one of my first employers, Bollywood’s Designer Dinesh Ramsay. The henna art (Which I love!) is from my friend Sowmya Ranganathan, who is the founder of Joy of Henna.

#2) The second design, which I admit I messed up, sports a photo from my friend Hina Rathi at MLR Photography. Similar to the first design, the Henna is from Joy of Henna.

Bharathanatyam Oil Painting


This 32×32 inch oil painting on canvas is based on a picture from my own Bharathanatyam Arangetram (Dance ‘graduation’) in 2009. My arangetram was one of the highlights of my life, and that makes this painting personal on so many different levels. The photographer, Manpreet Uncle at “Mansa Photography“, captured the entire event so beautifully! If you haven’t already visited the Mansa Photography website, click here to see more stunning dance photos.

Nearly two months ago, I posted a first rough layer of this very painting, and have been putting in 2-4 hours a week since then . It is the longest time I have ever spent on a single artwork!  When I first started oil painting with my AMAZING teacher last summer, I wasn’t sure if I could stick to something that took so much time. There’s no going back now! :)

Water Fountain


Back in December 2009 when I was first experimenting with Acrylics, I painted this Water Fountain on a 16×20 Canvas.

After learning Oil Painting, I now know how this painting could be 100x better. That being said, considering I did create this image from my mind, did the entire thing at one go, and used acrylic paints (which just doesn’t share the same depth), it was a pretty reasonable attempt :)

Lazy Birthday Cards Part 2


Here are the final two cards I made, with a mix of leftover paint, pencil crayons, and black pen. I am aware that this looks like it was put together by a 12 year old :P But it’s the thought that counts, right?

This first card is for our “diva” friend, who happens to be a guy.

This card is for our friend who loves to eat cake. loves to eat anything really… And she happens to be a girl.

Lazy Birthday Cards


While most people were out celebrating Easter, I was celebrating four different birthdays! With classes and work every day, I didn’t have much time to put together fancy birthday cards, so I made four “lazy” birthday cards.

These are two simple black and white floral cards done with Permanent Markers. Though the effect wasn’t as great as using ink, it was definitely very quick. I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends :)