Vivah: An Indian Bridal Magazine


Last week I finished my first Graphic Design Course. While I was comfortable with Adobe Photoshop basics prior to the course, I was introduced to the wonderful world of InDesign and Illustrator. For my final project, we were to create two magazine articles in a theme of our choice. The first one is the one that I had planned properly, and the pictures and colours worked out well. In the classroom critique, everyone liked the design, and it was definitely the class favourite. The second design was a bit of an experiment. I accidentally picked a photo that had a very busy background, and in an attempt to try ALL the tricks we learnt in class, the overall design (in my opinion) was a complete mess. It was however, an introduction course, and I learnt a lot!

I picked an Indian Bridal theme for my magazine. I called the magazine Viva , to represent the Spanish word “Viva”, and the Hindi word “Vivah”. As I generally like to do with my art, the covers do have some personal value to me. Not only did I use a Spanish play on words (I am currently learning Espanol), but I also included pictures from people that I know.

#1) The first magazine cover has a photo that was sent to me by one of my first employers, Bollywood’s Designer Dinesh Ramsay. The henna art (Which I love!) is from my friend Sowmya Ranganathan, who is the founder of Joy of Henna.

#2) The second design, which I admit I messed up, sports a photo from my friend Hina Rathi at MLR Photography. Similar to the first design, the Henna is from Joy of Henna.


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