Monthly Archives: August 2012

Tangled – The Lantern Scene


I watched the movie “Tangled” in the theaters with a group of friends. In one of the final scenes, Rapunzel sits on the boat with Flynn and watches the lanterns that her parents release from the castle. I had the opportunity to paint this 16 x 20 inch acrylic painting at Paintlounge.

I had actually found about about Paintlouge via @joyofhenna on Twitter, and took a friend along to check it out. What looked like a pretty standard lot on the outside was a magical experience on the inside! There was a cute cafe, with two paint areas and a “paint bar” in the middle. Coffee and art; greatest combination ever! It was great to have so many paints, brushes, and tools at our fingertips. I attended one of their workshops, which included canvas, paints, expert guidance, and clean-up (The best part!). Overall it was a fantastic evening, and I can’t wait to go back :) Here are a few pictures of the paint lounge. The final painting is the one my friend did, and for someone who hasn’t painted since kindergarten, I thought it was great!

Sri Ram Katha- Poster Madness!


This past weekend was our Dance Drama “Sri Ram Katha”. It was a huge hit :) It was completely sold out, and the feedback we got was fantastic! For this event, I was going crazy preparing posters of different sizes, a 24 page booklet, at least 8 advertisements from our sponsors, and more! It was a massive challenge because I don’t know the software well, so every small thing became a huge project in its own. It took me a few hours just to figure out optimal printing settings (And even then, my crop marks weren’t done properly). It was a lot of hard work on the design front, but it was extremely exciting to see 250 booklets with my design on it! The top photo above is a 24 x 38 inch poster that we printed for the front entrance. It was massive! The image below is a facebook “cover photo” that was featured on “Priyalasya“.

After a huge website update, the work is finally coming to a close. It was a tiring couple of weeks, but it was completely worth it :)