Monthly Archives: October 2012

Purple Floral Rhinestone Card


I created this card using white card stock, a few rhinestones from the dollar store, old scrapbook paper and acrylic paints. Definitely a card fit for a diva :)

This card was also a part of my sick afternoon creative session. Two days of painful boredom was good for something!

Peacock Paisley Stamp Cards


Using a paisley stamp acrylic paints and card stock, in a vivid peacock coloured palette, I created these 5 new cards.

If you are thinking of ordering cards for Diwali, look no further! These cards are only $3.00 each and can be made in the colours of your choice! I do require 7 days notice, so email me at srisarts @ gmail .com if you’re interested :)

Happy Navrathri!


I recently ordered a few pretty square stamps and gold embossing powder. I used it to create a small Kolam design for our “Golu”, the display of dolls that South Indians prepare for Navrathri. The picture doesn’t do the embossing much justice, but the 3D shiny gold design looks great, and it compliments the Wedding (Kalyanam) set that we have. I have attached a close up photo of the kolam, as well as a photo of our entire Golu display. Be it golu or garba, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Navrathri :)


Paisley Peach Cards


These two cards were made with acrylic paints, card stock, gold pen, 3D foam tape, and a paisley rubber stamp.

This past week, I came down with a terrible cold and fever! On Thursday afternoon, after spending two full days on the couch I finally got the energy to have a short creative session. It was  not only relaxing, but keeping away from the laptop and TV was great for my headache. Also, I learnt that spending two days on a couch staring at a wall with only a box of tissues for company is great to get the creative juices flowing. Stay tuned for a few more cards I made to replenish my completely depleted ‘card stock’ (pun intended, and if you didn’t get the pun, then it’s probably because it wasn’t very funny :P).

Decorated Candle Stand


After purchasing a bottle of Mod Podge, I was really excited to try it out on a few different mediums. For this project, I had used some old scrap book paper and two glass candle holders. The darker paper was actually intertwined with thread. Though the results weren’t waterproof, it was definitely very durable!