Monthly Archives: October 2012

Narthana Ganapathy


As a part of my abstract doodle session this past week, I doodled a dancing Ganesha, also known as “Narthana Ganapathy”. This was also done with my 0.4 mm Stabilo Pen. I hope everyone is having a very happy Thanksgiving Weekend! :)


Abstract Face Doodle


It’s been a long time since I have brought out my “Doodle Book” and done a quick doodle, but these past couple of days have been perfect! With programming and design courses taking up my day, I have had a lot more ‘mini breaks’ than I’ve had in a while. I remember back in University, I would carry my doodle book everywhere, and ended up with some pretty nerdy art work. Unfortunately, the real world isn’t as conducive to this :(. Anyways here it is, an abstract face doodle done with my handy 0.4mm Stabilo Ink pen :)

PS: Yesterday, the weather was simply FABULOUS! After programming, I sat in a beautiful little park in Toronto and doodled away. I followed that up by a coffee from Second Cup (where they have the CUTEST painted tables, which also made the background of this picture). I do have an Instagram account, where I loaded some pictures. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram @srisarts and check them out :)

The Wonders of Photoshop


Here are a few photoshop attempts from in class.

This is a conversion from a greyscale to a colour photo simply using a paintbrush tool with its various options. I really enjoyed adding the makeup!

Here are a few ‘touch up’ photos where I either restored old photos, or removed wrinkles & blemishes.

Remember that these were done in class, so I’m sure I could work at these photos for much longer, but it just goes to show all the wonders of photoshop :) Now please excuse me, while I remove all my pimples ;)