Monthly Archives: November 2012

NASA Book Cover


Using various photo shop tools, text provided by our teacher, and a high resolution photo from  NASA, I created this book cover. Click on the image below to get an idea of how “high resolution” this image is!

By visiting NASA online, you can simply sign up to receive high resolution photos at regular intervals! With a few photoshop adjustments, the effects are stunning! Here is the original image:



I have written about my friend Sigma in the past, and I think she is absolutely amazing! She puts her heart and soul into her DIY projects, and I love visiting her place to see what she’s working on! If you like reading my blog, you would be AMAZED by Sarica’s amazing sewing projects, beadwork, and home-depot DIY’s. What are you waiting for? Visit her blog, and enter the world of my super awesome creative parter in crime, Sarica!

Cake Decorating Lesson


A coworker found a great Groupon for a cake decorating lesson at Sugar Tiers in Markham. We had a great time cutting the cake, icing it, and decorating with Fondant :) My friends and I also had a great time eating the cake ;). These workshops book very fast, so if you do find a free spot for their workshop, you should all try it out!

A Vector Image of an Apple




In Adobe Illustrator, we have learnt about patterning, textures, and more excitingly, 3D objects! As an initial exercise, we had to draw an apple. Of all Design programs I have dabbled in, Illustrator is my absolute favourite. I have always been interested in drawing and painting, so it is exciting to be able to translate that into a vector image. I will soon upload a composition including a table, a vase, and the apple.

Photo Enhancements on Photoshop


In our introductory photoshop course, we have really delved into advanced photo edits. These specific photos were from raw images from an SLR camera. These are definitely ‘over’ edited, but I wanted to try out ALL the available tools. I also know why photographers are so big on ‘raw images’, the opportunities are quite endless!