Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Christmas CD



For the Secret Santa Present mentioned in my earlier post, I had also burned two Christmas CD’s! One of them was a Michael Buble Christmas Mix, and the other was a mixed CD including Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber. I found these Mini CD’s at Future Shop, and I decorated the case using embossing powder/stamps, ink, acrylic paint, and an edge cutter by Martha Stewart. I tied both the CD’s together with Ribbon. I was quite happy with how it turned out :)


Christmas Cookies!



These Sugar Cookies really have become a Christmas favourite. My sister and I followed the recipe to a T, except we had added one less egg (The last time I made these cookies, the dough was a bit too liquid, this time it was perfect). I know the recipe calls for an hour of refrigeration, but we wrapped it tightly in wax paper & cling wrap, and refrigerated the dough overnight.

We baked three batches, one for my sisters office, one for a secret Santa, and one for my closest friend (Who finished the entire batch of cookies in a day!). I got a really cute Christmas cookie box from Walmart to put the cookies in for the Secret Santa gift :) We barely had any cookies left for us, so we will definitely be baking more of these over the next couple of weeks.

Christmas Face Painting




I had the phenomenal opportunity to volunteer as a face painter for a Christmas Party at my workplace. I must have painted over 100 cute little faces, and in between all the madness, I was able to photograph a few. Kids really do ask for the darnedest things, but they are so easily pleased. Nothing like a 100 happy kids to put you in a Christmas Spirit :)

PS. Not all of these kids were girls! I had my share of spidermans, lions and tigers. Of course, all the boys were too excited about roaring like lions and spewing out powerful webs to pose for photos.