Condo Living Magazine



For my InDesign Class, our final project consisted of putting together a 20 page magazine. We were instructed to get content from the Internet, and the focus was on designing the magazine effectively. During Sri Ram Katha, a dance drama I participated in, I had put together a 22 page book which had taken me days to put together! I didn’t know much about creating a book with InDesign, so I had a lot of little problems that took a lot of googling to solve. With all the new skills I have developed, this magazine took less than 10 hours including research :) I am pretty happy with how far I have come, and I am ready to take on new book challenges! If you would actually like to read the content, feel free to click on the image to see a larger version.CondoLivingMagazineV22CondoLivingMagazineV23CondoLivingMagazineV24CondoLivingMagazineV25CondoLivingMagazineV26CondoLivingMagazineV27CondoLivingMagazineV28CondoLivingMagazineV29CondoLivingMagazineV210

I would like to add a huge disclaimer, that none of the material is mine. This was purely a design project and using material from the internet was a part of our project outline. With the exception of headers, sub-headers  and a few intro / conclusion paragraphs that I added to make the content relevant, I have to thank the following references for fantastic information & photos. Here is my list of references (Click to view larger copy).



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