Omana Thinkal


This beautiful Malayalam lullaby was composed by Sikkil Gurucharan & Anil Srinivasan. Stephen Murray recorded the piano for this over two years ago. After an embarrassingly long hiatus, I finally got the help of my good friend Jerin to fix up my Malayalam, and I recorded it last week. I can’t speak for my singing, but Steve’s work on the piano was beyond amazing.

This song describes a child- Is it a crescent’s moon, or the flower of a lotus? The honey in a flower, or the lustre of the full moon?

It’s a really really beautiful song, so I hope I was able to give it justice.

Omana Thinkal Lyrics

Omanathingal KidAvo,
Nalla KomaLa ThAmara Poovo,

Poovil Niranja MadHuvo,
Pari poornendhu thanTe nilAvo,

Puthan Pavizha koDiyo,
cheru thathakal konjum mozhiyo,

ChAnjAdiyAdum Mayilo,
mridhu panjamam pADum kuyilo,

Thullum-iLamAn kidavo,

Eswaran Thana Nidhiyo,
Parameshwariyenthum kiLiyo

PArijathathin Thaliro,
enDe bhAgya drumathin phalamo


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