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PaintNite Giraffes



I attended a PaintNite in Toronto with a few friends. If you haven’t heard about PaintNite, it’s something worth checking out! They book out restaurants/ bars/ cafe’s throughout Canada & USA and local painters instruct you through a painting. It was definitely a step back into the past where we had only 5 very weak colors and two brushes (Big & Medium). Paintlounge in Markham was definitely better in terms of the quality and quantity of materials, and the difficulty of the painting, but PaintNite was fun in a different way. Everyone was free to express creatively, there were a lot of laughs and it was an extremely relaxed environment where giraffes could be green and skies could be yellow.

This has actually inspired me to host my own Paint Night so stay tuned :)


Painted Jewelry Boxes


IMG_20130920_223710 IMG_20130920_223755

For our friends’ 25th birthdays, my friend Sarica & I decided to decorate wooden boxes and fill them with 25 memories & $25 gift cards :) I had a really fun time adding as many acrylic paint colors as possible and lots of little jewels :). You can’t see it in this picture, but the bottom of the box is painted in a deep blue, and the inside walls are orange.


En Veetu Thottatil


The final of three recordings I made with my friend Abhinav :)

Music by A. R. Rahman.
Original Vocalists : S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Sujatha


(I found this translation on a random forum)

Ask the flowers at my home garden
Ask all the windows at my home
Ask my coconut grove
They will say your name

Ask the flowers at my home garden
Ask all the windows at my home
Ask my coconut grove
They will speak my heart

A lady singer should not be silent
If all the bees buzz then the garden can’t withstand
If all the buds make sound, then the bees can’t hear
After aadi (season) the river won’t wait
After aadi, the alipoo (flower) does not close
Wishes vibrating

Without the permission of ‘telling’, I came to tell
There’s no distance between ‘tell’ and ‘meaning
No love reaches the heaven without telling
Even if counting ends, kisses do not,