The New Website!


The past month has definitely been an eventful one on the creative front. Last week, my blog turned FOUR years old! I remember starting it while I was in University, before I had ever learnt how to paint, before I ever took a dance course, and my singing was limited to a classical concert a year. It was overwhelming to see how much had changed over the past four years, and how much my creative pursuits took over my life in that time. This blog is definitely not a popular one, but my small humble attempt to document my spare time also doubled as a source of inspiration.

After graduating university, and 2.5 years of night classes, I finally got my certification in Graphic Design, and launched a new and improved

What does this mean for the blog?

The new website is primarily there to focus my professional quality creative work, including my Oil Paintings, Graphic Design Packages, and Drawings. I’ve also thrown in a section on music, which is not quite professional quality, but the amount of time I put into video editing warrants its own section! 

This blog will keep on going, and it will be there to display all the fun creative stuff that I do. This includes things like my Push Pin Map Board, interesting Jewelry, Fun quick paintings, and cards. Of course, as Bharathanatyam, another hobby I take very seriously, doesn’t have a spot on my new website, I will also be posting things like News Clippings, and Dance Videos here.

Definitely bookmark my website, and follow my blog :) Hopefully this is the start of a brand new exciting creative journey.


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