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Twin Onesies & Decorations




I am very very excited to announce the arrival of my two twin cousins :) For my aunt’s baby shower, which was just a month ago, my sister and I made a few gifts. We used non toxic baby safe fabric markers (Which are awful, but they are child safe and do the trick) to decorate two ‘newborn sized’ onesies. These things are so small and adorable! I also painted four wooden boards from Walmart in a bright yellow, distressed the edges with a deep brown, and used mod podge to stick on some cute alphabet stickers. We wrapped it all up with a Dr.Suess reference (“Thing 1” and “Thing 2”). As we didn’t know the gender at that point, we had to keep everything very gender neutral. With two new girls in the family, I am looking forward to adding pink into their lives :)


Fun with Felt Florals


I’ve been noticing a lot of fun felt projects online, and thought I’d give it a shot. I can already think of a lot of creative gift wrappings, cards, and children’s headbands that could be embellished with a simple floral felt design. My goal was to create quick and simple flowers using nothing but a glue gun and beads that I already have at home. The greatest thing about using felt is how cheap it is. I got enough felt to last me two years, for only $1.35 at my local fabric store :)

Screen Printing Workshop


Yesterday, I attended a screen printing workshop at Wise Daughters . If you haven’t heard of them, definitely take the time to browse their website. They not only have great workshops, but they also are home to over 75 artists, and there are a lot of amazing pieces for sale.

This workshop was hosted by Christine Pensa who is a professional artist. She took us through the method, and did an amazing job of making sure we understood every step. After the workshop was finished, I felt like I could go for another 3 hours, which is definitely a sign of a great workshop and a great instructor.

During the three hour workshop, I made two different designs, and printed the edge of a scarf (In a great dark grey bamboo material), an apron, and a cloth (That I may use to sew pillows later). I still have a tote bag that I can screen print later. Though I don’t have the materials at home, I’ll definitely be purchasing a start-up kit soon.

The first few photos are ‘in action’, and they were taken at the Wise Daughters Art Studio. After I heat set my final prints by sticking the fabrics in the dryer, the prints actually became a part of the fabric, which is evident in the last two pictures. The results are a lot cleaner than fabric painting!