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Cookie Cupcake Decoration!



For my sisters birthday , I had to get creative with her birthday cake. She’s not a huge fan of cake or chocolate, but she LOVES cookies. I found this amazing cookie recipe. I modified the recipe by cutting the sugar down by 1/4 cup and adding white chocolate chips. I used three cookies and fondant to create this little cookie cupcake for my sister :)


Amazing Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies



I don’t claim to be a master chef, but I do love sharing a good recipe when I find one! These chewy chocolaty cookies were a huge hit with my friends & family, and they have lasted for days! I followed this recipe, with the following modifications.

  • I cut the sugar down by 1/4 cup. I could probably cut it down by a full half cup next time. They’re very sweet, which is not necessarily a bad thing!
  • I used 1/2 semisweet chocolate chips & 1/2 white chocolate chips.
  • I chilled my dough for about 30 minutes before rolling them into balls and sticking them in the oven. Without this step, I never would have been able to make 45 perfectly even cookies.

Bakersville Cupcake Class :)



Today, some friends, my mom, sister and I went to a cupcake class at Bakersville in Mississauga. Groupon had accidentally booked us for the wrong class, so I had yet another encounter with fondant. Though we were looking forward to working with icing, we had a great time, and thanks to Groupon, the deal was absolutely fantastic! Here are some of the cupcakes we made :)

bakersville9 bakersville7 bakersville6
bakersville1 bakersville4bakersville5

Happy New Years!



For our New Years Eve party, my sister and I baked and decorated a simple vanilla cake with icing and fondant. We modified the recipe slightly by adding a pinch of salt and increasing the milk to 3/4 cup.  The cake was a huge hit, and the party was awesome after a week of sickness :)

I wish all of you a very very happy 2013, filled with family, friends, and fortune :)

Christmas Cookies!



These Sugar Cookies really have become a Christmas favourite. My sister and I followed the recipe to a T, except we had added one less egg (The last time I made these cookies, the dough was a bit too liquid, this time it was perfect). I know the recipe calls for an hour of refrigeration, but we wrapped it tightly in wax paper & cling wrap, and refrigerated the dough overnight.

We baked three batches, one for my sisters office, one for a secret Santa, and one for my closest friend (Who finished the entire batch of cookies in a day!). I got a really cute Christmas cookie box from Walmart to put the cookies in for the Secret Santa gift :) We barely had any cookies left for us, so we will definitely be baking more of these over the next couple of weeks.

Cake Decorating Lesson


A coworker found a great Groupon for a cake decorating lesson at Sugar Tiers in Markham. We had a great time cutting the cake, icing it, and decorating with Fondant :) My friends and I also had a great time eating the cake ;). These workshops book very fast, so if you do find a free spot for their workshop, you should all try it out!

Happy New Year!


I wish all my readers a very happy 2012!

To ring in the New Year, I decorated a sponge cake that my chef-in-the-making second cousin baked, by using Chocolate Ganoche (That she also made) as icing, and adding grated dark chocolate and broken of pieces of yogurt covered pretsels (YUM!). Overall, I think the cake looked as professional as it tasted :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and that this year is full of family, friends, food, and good fortunes :)


7 days of Christmas Day 6- Pineapple Upside Down Cake


My mom made this pineapple upside down cake with the help of my sister and myself for a Christmas gathering last weekend. My mom has used this recipe throughout our childhood, and it’s always been a huge hit. If you expand the second image, you can see the recipe that we used, straight from my mom’s old recipe book.

For the Christmas season, I decided to give myself a french manicure. I had a lot of fun using nailpolish to decorate my thumb with a snow flake.

For my fun Christmas sight, I thought I’d attach this picture of my friend’s dog Caeser. Christmas isn’t only for humans it seems!

7 days of Christmas Day 5- Cake Pops!


Last weekend my friend came over and she brought her cake-pop machine. She also pre mixed everything we needed to make the cake pops, so we just put it all together like we were professional chefs. The results were SO awesome, and were perfectly in theme with our blue and silver Christmas party. For the stand, we wrapped up a styrofoam board in wrapping paper.

Here is our blue and silver Christmas tree! We always sort our ornaments before we put them on the tree, so we get the perfect colour balance :)