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Engagement Cards :)



This past week, I got engaged! Though I didn’t plan the event, I got to pick out decorations, design invitations, arrange for hand designed table numbers, and wrap return gifts. Basically, all the fun stuff!

I drew a motif using my .3 mm Stabilo Pen, converted it into a Vector Image, and used that as the theme for this event. The casual mehendi invite to my immediate family had the image in mehendi-green followed by text. The bridesmaid invite in rich purple (Top Right) included a cheesy poem, and were personalized for each bridesmaid. The engagement e-vite was in a deep maroon (Bottom Left), and the Thank You Cards (Top Left) were in a rustic orange. The maroon and orange matched the decorations at the hall, and those colours were also used for the beautiful number signs for the table decor.

The event was a lot of fun, and it was touching to have family all over the world come to celebrate with us! Stay tuned for several wedding related DIY projects :)

Condo Living Magazine



For my InDesign Class, our final project consisted of putting together a 20 page magazine. We were instructed to get content from the Internet, and the focus was on designing the magazine effectively. During Sri Ram Katha, a dance drama I participated in, I had put together a 22 page book which had taken me days to put together! I didn’t know much about creating a book with InDesign, so I had a lot of little problems that took a lot of googling to solve. With all the new skills I have developed, this magazine took less than 10 hours including research :) I am pretty happy with how far I have come, and I am ready to take on new book challenges! If you would actually like to read the content, feel free to click on the image to see a larger version.CondoLivingMagazineV22CondoLivingMagazineV23CondoLivingMagazineV24CondoLivingMagazineV25CondoLivingMagazineV26CondoLivingMagazineV27CondoLivingMagazineV28CondoLivingMagazineV29CondoLivingMagazineV210

I would like to add a huge disclaimer, that none of the material is mine. This was purely a design project and using material from the internet was a part of our project outline. With the exception of headers, sub-headers  and a few intro / conclusion paragraphs that I added to make the content relevant, I have to thank the following references for fantastic information & photos. Here is my list of references (Click to view larger copy).


Alice in Wonderland – A poster in type



In Typography, we were asked to create a poster for any book, movie, or play using only elements of type. I decided to use elements of the Cheshire cat to represent the move Alice in Wonderland.   To create the bars at the bottom & the teeth, I used the letter ‘l’ in a sans serif font. I then used a serif font bracket for the smile.

I created these two additional posters. I used serif and sans serif “o”‘s to represent the different ‘worlds’ in Inception (I don’t think this worked out as well), and a simple bracket & dash to represent Captain Hook in Peter Pan. I also created an additional version of the Alice in Wonderland with whiskers.

inception posterPeter Pan PosterAlice In Wonderland Typography Poster

If you haven’t seen expressive typography posters before, check out this link for inspiration!

Expressive Typography



As a quick in-class assignment for Typography, we were asked to prepare 30 examples of ‘expressive type’. This meant we could  only use letters or symbols to express a specific word. I did half using my new Prismacolor Fine Line Markers, and the remaining on InDesign. Of course, some are better than others :)


Sri’s Arts in Black Letter



I recently started a Graphic Design course in typography. It’s only been two lessons, and I’ve already learnt a lot! Our prof is a self proclaimed “Typography Nerd”, and after a brief introduction to some terminology, we were introduced to different types of black letter text. For my first assignment, I used black India ink, my old school ink pen, and card stock to draft some letters. I then used Photoshop to put it all together. My rough draft is attached below:

blackletter rough