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Wedding & Henna Party!


image (2)One of my old friends from University got married today, and it seemed like a great excuse to have our own henna party! I used MDG henna powder and cellophane wrap to make cones. It was my first time making henna cones, and once I got the consistency of henna right, it worked out pretty well! A lot better than the air/water filled cones at our local Indian store :)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I wish them an amazing life together :)

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Acrylic Paint Henna


A couple of years ago, I was painting on Canvas with Acrylic Paints. As I was waiting for a layer of paint to dry, I started doodling with the Acrylics on my hand, and ended up with this white & blue henna design. I’m not sure if I would ever sport something like this in public, but it was a fun way to kill time :)

Diwali Mehendi


My mom has been asking me to put Mehendi for her since Diwali. I had 20 minutes before I headed out with some friends yesterday, so I decided to fulfil her wishes. Regardless of the two week delay, I did put the Henna just in time for a delayed Diwali party we’re heading to tonight.

Unrelated note: Those Koala’s behind ma’s hand is a growing collection of gifts from people I know who went to Australia, including my grade 4 teacher, my relative, and a distant family friend. I love those little guys.

First Full Hand Henna Attempt


As a kid, I was always fascinated by mehendi. I loved the smell and the results, and it was always a MUST on our India trips. Of course I used to experiment with it as well, and my poor mother usually had to sport horrible designs everytime I felt creative. Since then, I have improved a lot, and though I am still far from being a true professional, I have made a mark (literally) on a few of our family friends events :).

My sister found an online design that she wanted on her hands during a family friends wedding in 2008. After years of doing the typical arabic style henna, this was my first time attempting a proper (I say proper, because most of the henna ‘experiments’ that I did as a kid that were far from ‘decent’) full hand henna design. Just incase I messed up, I took a picture half way through :P

This was a simple design I did on someone else on the same day