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DIY Wooden Frame Necklace



I went to Michaels to pick up a paint brush, and when I walked by these $1.50 photo frames, I thought “those would make great necklaces!” Using the frame, a pair of scissors, sanding paper, acrylic paint, and a few of my old jewelry supplies, I created this double sided wooden necklace.  This project took less than an hour, and it looked great with my white top and blue jeans :)


Bracelet for a Teenager


As a final gift to take to Singapore, I made this elegant black and silver (Onyx and freshwater pearl) bracelet for my 16 year old cousin. When she was younger, all she’d ever ask for was chocolates and candy. I was recently chatting with her on Gtalk and asked her which chocolates she wanted, and she responded “I’m not that fat 10 year old kid anymore!”. I kinda forgot that she grew up.

Also, I made fun “Sri’s Arts” tags for the bracelets. I wrapped them up in tissue paper, and put them into old boxes (I have a drawer full of empty boxes and bags, and I only keep the pretty ones). Even if they don’t like what’s inside, they will definitely like the packaging :)

A Girl’s Bracelet


Next week my sister and I are going on our first vacation alone, and it’s definitely going to be an interesting one (And it will be VERY interesting if I still have this cold, and I will have to cough into the face of the poor person sitting next to me on the 24 hour journey). That’s right. 24 hour journey. We are traveling half way around the world to Singapore for 10 days! We are spending 3 of those days in Cambodia visiting Angkor Wat.

Anything that you can find in Canada can be found in Singapore (Except winter gear, but who needs that in 30+ degrees?), so my sister and I thought we’d make all the ladies (My two chitti’s (aunts) and my two cousins) some simple bracelets. It would be extremely personal, and definitely something that they couldn’t buy in Singapore. Unfortunately my sister had 5 midterms and even more assignments, so she’s been pretty MIA. My sister and I do enjoy making jewelry together, but this time I had to fly solo :(

Here’s the first bracelet- A little something in Pink for my girly 9 year old cousin :)

A new key chain, and my 100th post!


Hello all! So as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in two weeks! I have been fiddling more with ink and acrylics though, so I’ll post that soon.

Today, however, I will post something different. So, these past two weeks have definitely been a very irresponsible two weeks of my life. I lost my entire key chain, left my agenda (which is basically how I know where I am) at my friends place, and have misplaced countless other things. I have also been extremely klutsy, dropping my computer charger into salsa, and walking into walls.

I digress. To get to the point, To replace my old key chain, I have pulled out a new key chain that I made a while ago. I got this great necklace when I did my dance arangetram in 2009, but it wasn’t really my style so I took it apart for the very unique rock-beads. I used those to make this key chain.

So as far as the past two weeks go, I also have some great news! I am officially a University Graduate, and a working girl in Toronto! This big news is definitely a worthy topic for my  100th post :)

Jewelry Sets


Over the past 2 months, I’ve made a couple of jewelry peices. Some of them using the beads I bought from the Bead Convention.

1) Set with Indonesian Garnet pendant, Peuter stones, and Bali beads

2) Set using amethysts and peuter

3) Simple pearl bracelet (Mostly for work)

4) Long necklace with an assortment of leftover beads

I also made a couple of earrings for my housemates as well, which I will post separately :)