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An Arjuna inspired Tattoo


For as long as i’ve known my husband, he has wanted an Arjuna inspired tattoo but he was never able to pin point the design or style he wanted. As a surprise anniversary present, I designed a tattoo based on everything I knew about him, his style, and his tattoo related ramblings. Design in hand, I took him for his first official Tattoo consultation. Not only was Arjun SUPER surprised, but he loved the design right off the bat! A few weeks and a few tweaks later, and we were back at the tattoo parlour to get inked. It was the most nerve wracking experience to know that there was no going back!

I am so honoured that my husband loved my work enough to put it on his body forever :)


7 days of Christmas Day 5- Cake Pops!


Last weekend my friend came over and she brought her cake-pop machine. She also pre mixed everything we needed to make the cake pops, so we just put it all together like we were professional chefs. The results were SO awesome, and were perfectly in theme with our blue and silver Christmas party. For the stand, we wrapped up a styrofoam board in wrapping paper.

Here is our blue and silver Christmas tree! We always sort our ornaments before we put them on the tree, so we get the perfect colour balance :)



So my friend Ivan Radulovic, who is not just an awesome cartoonist but also a budding programmer, created an amazing app under his startup company, Immicom Interactive .

This app is a game called “Neenites” and it involves directing these (amazingly cute) alien creatures through a maze in order to get the Neenites safely into their space ship. This app is well designed, addictive, and only $0.99! It’s definitely a small amount for BIG fun, so I hope everyone is downloading Neenites onto their iPhones and iPod touch’s right now! If you do have a phone with an Android OS or an iPad, stay tuned. Neenites will be releasing on those platforms within the next couple of weeks :)

So there are two reasons I am posting this up here. For one, Ivan is great with kids, has a funny sense of humour, and extremely hardworking. Basically, he’s not just extremely talented, but he’s also a great friend who has worked extremely hard on this app. And I support my friends. The second reason I am posting this here is because, well, I can’t seem to pass level 5! So I was hoping we could  start some strategy brainstorming in the comments :)

Check out some of these screen shots. You can also “like” Neenites on facebook.

On an unrelated note, I also added some silly pictures that Ivan and I doodled during our long studying hours at University!

Screen Shots:

Doodles: The first one is a cartoon portrait of me, and the second is a cartoon that Ivan outlined and I filled in. See what I mean by artist?


Birthday cards I recieved


For my birthday, I got a ton of home made cards, which my friends & family probably realized that I do love. (Of course, when one of my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said ‘a homemade card’ lol, so I asked for that one :P). Anyways, I think my friends are all pretty amazing artists!

1) Kids cards!: The card below was the first card I recieved, and it was from my 3 year old cousin. I think I sense an artist in the making! The second card is from my friend who is 21, but I felt that his drawing fit in the kids category :P

2) A very personal card: This hilarious card from my sister made my day. It’s filled with inside jokes like my bad haircut, our biggest fight (actually), and how I react to jokes. Isn’t she ridiculously amazing at cartooning?

3) Card Modification: As a vegetarian and a bit of a fob, my friend decided to modify this card that she bought. Also, she sent it to me via snail mail, which was very exciting (I love getting mail)!

4) A nerdy card: My closest friends at university always make homemade cards, and usually, they’re full of math jokes. This one not only had a (very accurate) picture of me in the front, but I had to decrypt the code inside using an affine cipher. If that isn’t nerdy, I dont know what is! And yes, the code is “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!” :P

5) A great attempt: My friend who can’t draw to save his life (kidding: P) worked really hard on this card! He started calling me pineapple head after a bad hairstyle, and somehow I started calling him Mr. Potato Head (Those are potatoes)

6) I can’t be-leaf it!: My friend Vidya (whose card I recently made) made me this card that she stuck leaves onto! I thought it looked pretty great :) Also, to top if off, she gave me a homemade present- these amazing earrings! Vidya, as i’ve mentioned before is amazing at jewelry making. You can check her out on her website!

7) An artist’s card: My friend Annya who blogs at is an amazing painter, and she painted this card for me. It looked great!!! Also, her sister and one of my closest friends made the envelope (See, I did give you credit :)!

And there you have it, amazing birthday cards from amazing people :) What do you all think?

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Caricature Story


So I recently started reading this amazing blog, where an artist by the name of Shafali posts great caricatures! Caricatures are EXTREMELY difficult (I wouldn’t even know where to begin), and it requires skill that goes much beyond copying what you see.

The blog has a monthly “carnival” where readers are invited to write a story (small or big) about a caricature that she posts. I am not much of a “story” writer, but here’s my take on this work. I think this poor guy was kicked out of his home and is looking out into the dark night depressed about having nowhere to go. However, he realizes that he needs to get through the dark times of his life, in order to experience the sunshine of tomorrow. I love how she captured the mood with  the lighting, and the facial expressions here are great!

What story do you think this tells?

Children’s Christmas Cards


There are a very few things I enjoy more than personalized cards. At my 10 year old relative’s elementary school (And at several schools across the GTA), they are selling 10 Cards for a mere $12.00. Students at the schools submitted the artwork that is displayed on the cards.

Here is the order form for my relative’s school, and a close up of her work (the third image from the left, with the two girls)

Here is a very cute card made by one of my good friend’s little sister, at a school in Burlington (It’s a bad photograph, but it gives you an idea of how the finished product looks).

I think this is a GREAT idea! If you are interested in ordering these cards, email me at srisarts at and I will direct you to the right person. My family has ordered a pack of these cards- it’s SO cute!