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Boulevard of Broken Dreams


In March of 2011, back when I was on the Math Society at my University, we raised over $650 for the local women shelter. And we did it all in ONE evening thanks to the Annual Charity Talent Night. The Charity Talent night was not only for a great cause, but it was also very entertaining!

Myself, Stephen and Nick banded together for the first time after “Hallelujah” in 2010. We performed two songs, and the first one was Boulevard of Broken dreams. In all honestly, my role in this song was practically non-existent, and the full credit goes to Steve and Nick. I did enjoy singing the Harmony on the chorus though. Steve taught it to me, and it sounded great! Though Steve, Nick and myself are in three different cities doing three different things, we had a great time when we were all at University together and I hope that it’s not the last time we can all jam :)

So the video was a little bit off sync, and it looks like we’re awkwardly talking for the entire video. I promise it was us!

I will be posting the second song shortly. I know this is already a huge delay, but there was a problem with the video format and I had to do some converting and editing. Which is why the video got a little messed up and my posting got delayed. As soon as the second part is done I will post it :)


Raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society


This year, a friend and I were co-captains for a Relay for Life team. Relay for Life is hosted annually at my University, where students walk/jog the outdoor track from 7PM-7AM to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. This was my second year participating in the relay, and my interest was spurred by a good friend of mine that passed away from cancer in November 2009.

Our team, “Team Pi” raised around $2000.00, and I personally managed to raise close to $350. During our money-raising period, the co-captain and I put together a VERY quick, and if I must say VERY artistic, money collector made out of a paper coffee cup. I am also being VERY sarcastic when I call this artistic. We managed to raise over $50.00 by just collecting spare change from our small math classes. To those of you who donated, thank you for contributing towards a great cause :) I am definitely going to miss such spirited university events now that I am done!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to write an entire post without something artsy in it! Here is our money collecting cup :)