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Paint Nite Donation


I worked for Paint Nite Toronto for 7 great months! I learnt a lot, and accumulated boxes of beginner level paintings! I decided to donate these paintings to my United Way Charity Auction at work, and the Handicare International Charity Auction in November. Not only will I donate to two great causes, but I will also clear space in my parents garage :) Win Win!


Of course, since most of these paintings were completed in less than 20 minutes, each painting may not fetch much. However, I hope to gain some power in numbers:)

Engagement Card


IMG_20140330_170244One of my oldest and closest University Friends got engaged this weekend! Not only was it the first proposal I ever witnessed, but it was also my first flash mob. It was an incredible experience and I am so happy that I was a part of it. I wish them all the happiness in the world :) This card was made on cardstock using acrylic paint and black ink. The “Omega” at the back is a part of a really old nerdy inside joke.


Colourful Abstract Peacock Painting



After checking out Paintlouge in Markham and trying out Acrylic Paints seriously for the first time, I finally made it back to the Paintlounge in Toronto to learn how to build textures. The amazing 3D effect was a lot of fun to develop, and I had a great time practicing the techniques on this colourful freestyle peacock :)


As a Paint Nite instructor, I always tell my friends to find a location near them and check out Paint Nite. It’s a super relaxed environment and a lot of fun. That being said, PaintLounge is a great place to build on techniques, and the overall environment there is really inspiring.

Geometric Gold Card


2013-03-24 22.28.34

I used my embossing stamps, silver embossing powder, acrylic paint & little crystals I got from Etsy to make this 5×7 card. Ever since I got my Martha Stewart score board, I find that my cards look much more professional :) It’s hard to see the 3D effect of the stamps. I tried to take a picture under light so you can see the full effect. The geometric pattern reminds me of those wooden doors in India.

2013-03-24 22.27.33

Tangled – The Lantern Scene


I watched the movie “Tangled” in the theaters with a group of friends. In one of the final scenes, Rapunzel sits on the boat with Flynn and watches the lanterns that her parents release from the castle. I had the opportunity to paint this 16 x 20 inch acrylic painting at Paintlounge.

I had actually found about about Paintlouge via @joyofhenna on Twitter, and took a friend along to check it out. What looked like a pretty standard lot on the outside was a magical experience on the inside! There was a cute cafe, with two paint areas and a “paint bar” in the middle. Coffee and art; greatest combination ever! It was great to have so many paints, brushes, and tools at our fingertips. I attended one of their workshops, which included canvas, paints, expert guidance, and clean-up (The best part!). Overall it was a fantastic evening, and I can’t wait to go back :) Here are a few pictures of the paint lounge. The final painting is the one my friend did, and for someone who hasn’t painted since kindergarten, I thought it was great!

Water Fountain


Back in December 2009 when I was first experimenting with Acrylics, I painted this Water Fountain on a 16×20 Canvas.

After learning Oil Painting, I now know how this painting could be 100x better. That being said, considering I did create this image from my mind, did the entire thing at one go, and used acrylic paints (which just doesn’t share the same depth), it was a pretty reasonable attempt :)