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Toronto Skyline at Night


IMG_20150502_155433 copy

When I got a tiny condo downtown, I knew it called for some huge dramatic artwork. This 4 feet x 3 feet Toronto Skyline in Oil Paint goes really well with our Chic Toronto theme.

In 2012 when I was just learning how to paint with oils, I had completed this painting, also of a Toronto skyline at night. It has gotten a surprising amount of traffic and is still one of the top hits on google when you search for skyline paintings. It’s amazing to see how far I have come in a few short years, and I hope (for the sake of my reputation as an artist :P) that this painting slowly takes that over!

Christmas Gift Tags


For the second Christmas order of the season, I made a dozen individually crafted gift tags. I used acrylic paints and pens on Canson watercolour paper, and tied them up with simple red ribbon. If you are interested in ordering Gift Tags or Cards from Sri’s Arts, please email me at srisarts at gmail.com. Enjoy :)!

Diwali Card Order #1


After seeing these  Diwali Cards, a friend of mine from France ordered 3 more. Similar to the others, I used red ink, acrylic paint, and gel medium on 100% Acid free canson watercolour paper. Enjoy :)

If you’d like to order Diwali cards, please send me an email at srisarts @ gmail.com! Stay tuned for a lot of colourful Christmas Cards!

Diwali Card


A friend ordered a combination of 10 Diwali and Seasons Greetings cards from me. Soon after I finished those, I had some gold paint left on my palette so I decided to make one last Diwali Card. This is done with Ink, gel medium, gold acrylic paint, and gold pen on 100% Acid Free Canson Watercolor paper. I will be posting the remaining Diwali Cards tomorrow, and the Christmas/New Years Cards shortly following that. If you would like to make an order for Diwali Cards, let me know ASAP as Diwali is coming up on October 26! To make an order , send an email to srisarts at gmail.com with your contact information and I will either call you or send you an email within the same day with further details.

And this is a picture of the first three layers

Cards with Acrylics and Ink


This past week, I made two more cards. I’m starting to have more cards than events, but I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

For these stylized cards, I started with Acrylic Paint on water colour paper, and added Black India Ink. I haven’t worked with Inks in a while, so I enjoyed making these cards.